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For Families

There are few things more painful than seeing your loved one suffer, and addiction is an especially challenging disease to witness and to overcome. In most cases, the power of addiction is too strong for an individual to battle on their own. They need your support and the help of qualified professionals to guide them on their journey to recovery. 

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If you or a loved one are seeking help, our staff is here to help.

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At Morse Clinic, we are committed to helping your loved one conquer addiction and regain control of their life. Our outpatient programs are designed to help adults who have recognized an unhealthy dependency on opioid substances, such as prescription pain medication or heroin, regain a productive and healthy lifestyle. 

Treatment at the Morse Clinic usually lasts at least one year, between active treatment and detox. Our program is designed to administer therapeutic levels of Methadone or Buprenorphine medication to minimize the effects of opiate withdrawal and block cravings, making it possible for patients to focus on overcoming their dependence. Prognosis improves dramatically after one year clean and sober.  Some patients prefer to stay on medication assisted therapy indefinitely when weighing the risks and benefits.

Throughout the treatment process, our aim is to help your loved one build a strong support system and rebuild healthy personal relationships with friends and family. We require individual and group counseling as part of our treatment program, and our highly trained counselors work with each patient to develop a person-centered plan towards a successful recovery. 

For more information on how we can help your loved one on the path to sobriety, learn more about our clinical services. 

Fast Facts for Families

Can I pay for treatment for my loved one?

If you are going to pay for services, you must be present on the day of intake to sign consent. You will need to be present with photo ID each Monday during dosing hours (6 - 11 AM) to pay weekly fees.

Morse Clinic does not accept checks or credit card payments over the phone.

Am I allowed to visit the Clinic?

To protect the confidentiality of our patients, we ask that you refrain from visiting or calling Morse Clinics unless we have a signed consent by your loved one or you have a scheduled appointment. Any visitors to our clinics will be required to sign in and present a photo ID.

Can I check in to make sure my loved one is attending treatment regularly?

We cannot and will not acknowledge whether someone is or was receiving treatment at Morse Clinics, unless a consent for release of information is on file for that person. Confidentiality prevents us from being able to share details of treatment with family or friends. 

Where can I find resources to support my loved one?

Please ask your loved one to sign a release to communicate with their counselor and schedule a session.  Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are support groups that are also very helpful. 

Your Path to Recovery Starts Today

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This is the best methadone clinic I have been in. The staff cares about you. Thanks for opening a clinic in Henderson.


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A screening is the first step in the treatment process. Submit this form and a licensed counselor will contact you to perform a no obligation, no cost screening to determine what level of care you require.