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Group Counseling Services

Overcoming addiction is not an easy process. At any stage of recovery - whether you’ve just made the decision to get help, you’ve been working your program for a few months, or you’ve been sober for a year - it’s easy to feel alone. 

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At Morse Clinic, our addiction treatment program seeks to prove to you that you’re not.

This is why we encourage participation in group counseling services, allowing you to listen, learn from, and share with others who understand the struggles of addiction and treatment.

We offer a variety of groups to help our patients lead productive lives, free from substance abuse, including:

Orientation Group*: Learn the basics about Methadone and Buprenorphine, as well as how to succeed in treatment at Morse Clinic. 
*Required for all new admissions

Recovery Group: This group is for those new to recovery. Learn the basic skills needed to support your individualized recovery process, while giving and receiving support from others who are beginning a similar path to recovery.

Relapse Prevention Group: Interact with other members in recovery while benefiting from participation in a more long-term group experience. Topics include exploration and planning for pitfalls of recovery and precursors of relapse for the purpose of developing strategies and tools to use in sustaining your recovery.

Pregnancy & New Mothers Group: Focus on the special issues that pregnant and post-partum women in recovery from opiates face, through a combination of education and support

Fast Facts

What do I have to do to earn take homes?

You must meet with your counselor to complete a Treatment Team Request form to be considered for take-home privileges. Decisions regarding take-home doses are made by the Medical Director in consultation with members of the clinical team. 

Your counselor can provide you with a Take Home Criteria Checklist.

What do I do if I miss a treatment day?

If you need to cancel, you must provide 24 hours notice. Failure to observe counseling attendance rules will result in your dose being held on the next day that you arrive at the clinic, until your counselor is able to see you to remove the hold. 

If you miss 2 days in a row, your dose will be decreased by half. If you miss 4 days or more in a row, you will need to see the program physician for reinstatement before you can be dosed again. After 30 days, you will be discharged and must be readmitted to continue your treatment. 

Can I work while on methadone and also take drug screens?

If you are using opioids or other substances, a positive result will be detected on a drug screen. Methadone alone will not create a positive result on a drug screen. 

How long does it take to dose?

Typically, after the intake day, just a few minutes. We have multiple dosing windows and work very hard to have little to no line.

How do I get started?

To schedule intake, call us today. Please bring a valid photo ID, insurance card, list of medications you are taking, and intake and treatment fees to your intake appointment. 

Can I transfer from a different clinic?

Yes! In order to transfer to Morse Clinic, you or your current clinic must provide documentation for the following in advance: copy of UDS for the past 6 months, dosing record, and discharge/transfer paperwork. These documents must be reviewed by the intake team before you can begin dosing at Morse Clinic. 

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Schedule A Screening

A screening is the first step in the treatment process. Submit this form and a licensed counselor will contact you to perform a no obligation, no cost screening to determine what level of care you require.