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“The Connection between Anxiety and Drug Addiction.” Greenhouse Treatment Center

March 01, 2019



Self-medicating with alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines is probably more common than we think.  It can be insidious.  People who suffer with anxiety disorders have a feeling of worry or dread when it comes to going out, doing new things or social interactions.  Drugs and anxiety tie together due to drugs making people feel the opposite of stressed and fearful.  Liquid courage does not last long. The person wants to use to get that feeling back.  Drugs and alcohol are often used by people as social lubricants to feel more comfortable talking and gaining confidence in social situations.  The anxiety robs people of their ability to gauge when enough is enough.  With treatment, there are other ways for people to get over their fear of talking to people in a social atmosphere.   Read more about it…

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