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Morse Clinics Announces new CEO

October 07, 2019

Our New CEO – Michelle Kornegay

On Monday, October 7, 2019, Michelle Kornegay will take over as the new CEO of the Morse Clinics.  I knew from our days working together at Southlight Healthcare a decade ago; she had the no-nonsense, direct, team approach that would make her an excellent leader. She quickly advanced to become the Program Director of Southlight Healthcare’s OTP.  When I decided to open the Morse Clinic of Zebulon in 2017, I knew the clinic would be best in her hands as its Program Director. Now, she will lead the 7 leaders of our Morse Clinic OTPs (and soon to be more). Samantha Burggraf will take over as Program Director of Morse Clinic of Zebulon on October 7, 2019 as well.  I am confident that she will take that clinic to new heights. Samantha and the other 6 Program Directors of the Morse Clinics will have the advantage of relying on Michelle Kornegay’s expertise more readily as our new CEO. The Morse Clinics are very fortunate to have her and our future is bright. Feel free to congratulate Michelle Kornegay when you see her.

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